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Get clarity on your urinalysis in three easy steps: upload, analyze, and receive an explanation.


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Simply upload a clear image or PDF of your urinalysis results to our secure platform.


Analysis by Docus AI Doctor

Our advanced AI quickly reviews your results, concentrating on vital health indicators and biomarkers.


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Get a detailed urine test report with easy-to-understand interpretations, practical insights, and personalized health advice.

Benefits of Urinalysis Interpretation

Online urine test interpretation offers fast, clear insights into your health, clarifying both normal and abnormal results. Docus AI Doctor supports proactive health management, early detection, and tracking of health changes over time.

Benefits of Urinalysis Interpretation


Urine Tests Interpreted


Urine Biomarkers Analyzed

Urine Tests and Health Insights

Urine tests can detect various health conditions by analyzing specific biomarkers, allowing for early detection and better health management.

Global Recognition

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Supported Types of Urinalysis

We analyze and explain essential urine tests, including:

Routine Urinalysis

Detects conditions like infections, kidney disease, and diabetes.

Pregnancy Test

Confirms pregnancy by detecting the hCG hormone.

Drug Test

Identifies the presence of drugs or their metabolites.

Glucose Test

Checks for glucose levels to screen for diabetes.

Protein and Microalbumin Test

To indicate kidney issues and early kidney disease.

STD Urine Test

Screens for STIs like chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis.

Urine Culture

Identifies bacteria causing urinary tract infections.

Alcohol Urine Test

Detects markers for alcohol consumption, including EtG and EtS.

Mycotoxin Urine Test

Detects mycotoxins to identify mold exposure and related health issues.

Key Urine Biomarkers

We can interpret numerous urine biomarkers. Here are some key examples:

pHProteinGlucoseKetonesBlood (Hematuria)LeukocytesNitritesBilirubinUrobilinogenSpecific GravityCreatinineMicroalbuminCrystalsCastsEpithelial CellsBacteriaYeastAmylaseCalciumMagnesiumPhosphorusSodiumPotassiumChlorideOxalateMyoglobinHormones (estrogen, testosterone)EtG EtS

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