Connecting Hospitals
to World’s Top Doctors

Docus provides a platform, connecting hospitals from developing countries to the leading doctors from the USA and Europe.


Medicals Experts
from the US and Europe

Benefits for the hospital

Benefits of being a Docus Medical Expert

Benefits for the patient


SaaS Platform

Doctors from developing countries receive an opportunity to team up with Medical Experts coming from leading medical institutions and bringing their immense expertise to treat patients with complex medical conditions.

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How it Works

01 Docus

Provides hospitals an access to Docus platform for connecting with Medical Experts

Accepts payments from hospitals and pays Medical Experts without a markup

02 Hospital

Enables the hospital doctors to connect with Medical Experts via Docus platform

Collects payments from the patients

03 Hospital doctor

Enters the reason for consultation and uploads the patient’s test results to Docus platform

Discusses the case with the Medical Expert via Docus platform

04 Medical expert

Accepts request for consultation from a hospital doctor

Reviews the submitted information

Provides written or verbal feedback to the hospital doctor via the Docus platform

05 Patient

Has an option to request a Medical Expert consultation if a second opinion is needed

Pays for the consultation directly to the hospital

Gets world-class treatment recommendations at an affordable price

Docus Platform


Medical Experts

Hundreds of professionals from the US and Europe

Dr. Michael Herold

Hematology and Oncology

Dr. Christian Thaler

Fertility Medicine

Dr. Emmanuelle Lagrue

Pediatric Neurology

Dr. Stefan Mueller



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