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Experience a streamlined process that turns your lab results into actionable health insights with just a few clicks.


Upload Your Tests

Upload your lab test results as PDFs, images, screenshots, or simply snap a picture. Our system supports various methods to ensure a smooth and easy process.


Get AI-Powered Analysis

Our AI Doctor analyzes your results using the latest medical guidelines. It evaluates biomarkers, identifies patterns, and assesses risk factors, ensuring that nothing is overlooked.


Receive Detailed Report

Get a comprehensive lab test report that identifies abnormalities and their health implications, along with clear insights and practical suggestions.


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Unlock the Power of Docus AI Lab Analysis

In-depth Biomarker Analysis

Our AI system simplifies complex lab data into clear, easy-to-understand visual interpretations:

Detailed Biomarker Information

See each biomarker's measured value, normal range, and status (normal, high, or low).

In-depth Explanations

Receive explanations for out-of-range values, including potential health risks and related conditions.

Trend Tracking

Monitor biomarker changes over time with dynamic graphs that highlight trends from various tests.

Biomarker Analysis and Interpretation Online - Docus AI

Detailed Lab Test Reports

Receive detailed lab test reports for better understanding and proactive health management. Each report includes:

Test Interpretation

Understand the meanings behind your test results with clear explanations.

Clinical Significance

Learn about the implications of your results and their potential impact on your health.


Receive actionable advice based on your lab results to help manage and improve your health.

Lab Test Reports Online - Docus AI

Interaction with AI Doctor

Consult our AI Doctor to clarify any questions about your lab results. It provides:

Detailed Explanations

Get clear answers to any additional questions about your lab tests, biomarker analysis, or lab test report.

Tailored Advice

Get practical steps and strategies tailored to improve your health.

Specialist Referrals

Access our network of 350+ top doctors for further expert consultation if needed.

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Your health data

We don't need any personally identifiable information to analyze your lab tests. Feel free to crop or black out any personal details.

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Supported Lab Test Types

Explore the variety of lab test types we support and analyze to help you make informed decisions.

Swab Test - Docus AI

Swab Test

Bacterial infections, viruses, fungal infections, etc.

Stool Test - Docus AI

Stool Test

Digestive conditions, infections, parasites, etc.

Semen Analysis - Docus AI

Semen Analysis

Sperm count, motility, morphology, fertility issues.

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