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Docus AI Doctor can be your first step toward an accurate diagnosis. Get recommendations, validate with top doctors, and stay healthy.

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Get treatment options

For using Docus AI Doctor chat with it and answer a couple of health-related questions and get a list of DDx (differential diagnosis). Evaluate the diseases along with their probabilities, then consult with a physician for a second opinion.

Get treatment options

Generate health reports

Create an extensive health report based on the learnings of your conversation with Docus AI doctor. Next, validate your report with top doctors from around the world. Finally, consult with your local physician based on the expert recommendations of our AI chatbot.

Generate health reports

Validate your recommendations is an all-in-one diagnosis tool. After receiving your potential diagnoses, you can request validation of your treatment strategy from our base of 350+ top doctors from around the US and Europe.

Validate your recommendations

Benefits of Docus AI Doctor

24/7 availability

If you have a subscription, you’ll be able to use our Dr chatbot anytime, anywhere, and ask as many questions as you want. With the Free plan, you’ll have access to our chat depending on demand.


AI Doctor screenings are customized to your specific needs, health history, and even lifestyle habits. That’s what brings an AI vs doctor diagnosis closer to each other. Everything you learn will be for your own use.

Powered by natural language models

Our AI Doctor is driven by a natural language model, which enables it to approach your health-related inquiries with advanced intelligence and understanding.

Patients about Docus

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Your health data

An online AI doctor is not a replacement for a real doctor. Please use Docus AI doctor project for educational and informational purposes only. In terms of doctor accuracy vs AI, you will still need to review the AI assistant’s responses with your local physician.

Your privacy is important to us. Docus AI assistant will be able to provide you with relevant recommendations and reports without the need for any personally identifiable information. So, we recommend steering clear from sharing your name, address, or SSN with the chatbot.

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