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Please Note!This tool is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult a professional before taking any action.

Transforming Healthcare with AI Doctor

Personalize Your Health Journey

Complete your health profile to unlock a customized AI Doctor experience, tailored to your health needs.

Chat with Your Personal AI Doctor

Chat with an AI that knows your health history and provides responses and recommendations based on your personal health data.

Discover Your Health Risks

Identify potential health risks through an analysis of your health profile. Gain valuable insights with detailed explanations and recommendations.

Receive a Personal Checkup Plan

Based on your health data and identified risks, receive a customized checkup plan recommending key tests and screenings for proactive health management.

Get treatment options

Consult Your AI Doctor

Share your symptoms, health condition, and any health-related questions while chatting with your AI Doctor.

Find Probability of Diseases (DDx)

Receive estimated probabilities of conditions that guide you toward understanding potential diagnoses.

Explore Treatment Options

Receive information on potential treatment options and other health recommendations to discuss with your doctor.

Generate Health Reports

Generate detailed reports from AI interactions to enhance discussions with your doctor.

Note: These AI insights are for informational purposes, meant to support, not replace, medical diagnosis, treatment, or consultation.
Generate health reports

Validate Your Recommendations

Continue your health journey. Validate your potential diagnosis and treatment strategy with top doctors from the US and Europe.

Identify the Right Specialty

Based on your health profile and conversations, your AI Doctor identifies the most relevant medical specialties for your condition.

Get Doctor Recommendations

Dr. AI recommends the most appropriate doctors from our extensive network of over 350 professionals for consultation.

Request a Consultation

Select an expert for a second opinion on your health condition and request a consultation through written feedback or a video call.

Validate your recommendations

Benefits of Docus AI Doctor

24/7 Availability

Dr. AI has no working hours and never gets tired. Use our chatbot anytime, anywhere, and ask as many questions as you want.


AI Doctor screenings are tailored to your specific needs, health history, and even lifestyle habits, helping to closely align AI with medical diagnoses.

Powered by NLP Models

Our AI Doctor is driven by a natural language model, which enables it to approach your health inquiries with advanced intelligence and understanding.

Global Recognition

Docus is recognized by top resources for its innovation in health technology. We've been featured by:

Your health data

No online tool can replace professional medical advice. Always consult a professional before taking any action.

Docus AI Doctor doesn’t need any personally identifiable information to provide you with relevant insights and recommendations.

Any data shared while using our services is safeguarded by advanced security protocols, ensuring compliance with HIPAA and GDPR.

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