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Dr. Jaroslav Sterba

Pediatric Hematology

Czech Republic

37 years of experience

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Area of expertise


Pediatric Hematology


Pediatric Hematologic Oncology


Lymphoma, Solid Tumors

Procedures Performed



Targeted Therapy


Vice-Dean, School of Medicine, Masaryk University

Brno, Czech Republic. From 2010

Professor of Oncology, Masaryk University

Brno, Czech Republic. From 2007

Head, Department of Pediatric Oncology, University Hospital Brno - Children's Hospital

Brno, Czech Republic. From 1998

CEO/Director, University Hospital Brno

Brno, Czech Republic. 2020 - 2022

Senior Lecturer, Masaryk University

Brno, Czech Republic. 1997 - 2002


MD: Masaryk University



Dr. Jaroslav Sterba is a highly accomplished medical professional with an extensive background in pediatric oncology. He obtained his Doctor of Medicine degree (M.D.) in 1987, marking the beginning of his impressive career in the field. Dr. Sterba's professional journey started in 1987 when he joined the Department of Pediatrics at the University Hospital Ostrava in the Czech Republic as a resident. He remained there until 1990, after which he completed his pediatric oncology fellowship. Foll


Chair, Czech Pediatric Oncology Society

Member, Pediatric Committee European Medicine Agency

Member, Czech Medical Society

Member, International Society of Pediatric Oncology

Member, European Bone and Marrow Transplant Group


Dr. Jaroslav Sterba has more than 290 publications

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