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Docus AI Health Assistant is for informational purposes only. Don’t take any actions without a doctor’s validation or consultation.

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AI Doctor

Hello! I'm here to support with any health-related questions or worries you may have. NOTE! The more detailed information you share, the better I can assist you.

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Get online second opinion from Top Doctors

Consult Top Doctors from the US & Europe before making crucial health decisions to verify your diagnosis and treatment strategy.


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Experience the power of AI in healthcare

Find out the probability of diseases

Submit anonymized details regarding your medical history, test results, and current condition. Receive comprehensive differential diagnosis (DDx) - a list of potential diseases with their probabilities.

Diagnosis by Docus AI Health Assistant

Get a clinical plan

Discover what examinations are needed for the proposed differential diagnosis. Prepare yourself for the upcoming steps with a comprehensive understanding of the required examinations.

Clinical Plan by Virtual Health Assistant

Generate your health report

Generate a comprehensive health report based on your conversation with our AI Health Assistant. Validate the report by a top medical expert from the US or Europe. Share both the report and the expert's opinion with your local doctor to proceed with confidence in your healthcare decisions.

Health report by AI Doctor

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Why it’s Fantastic

Advanced natural language understanding

Our AI model has an improved understanding of natural language, enabling it to better comprehend and respond to complex health-related questions and concerns.

Personalized assistance

The AI model is designed to provide personalized virtual health assistance and recommendations tailored to an individual's medical history, and symptoms offering valuable insights for users.


As an AI-driven solution, it is available round-the-clock, making it a convenient source of health information for users at any time.

Trusted | Life changing | Secure

Docus AI Health Assistant is not a real doctor, even though it is trained on a vast amount of medical data. Unless reviewed by your local physician, the provided information is for educational and general purposes only.

We strongly recommend not to share any personally identifiable information while using Docus AI Health Assistant. Before sharing any information, please ensure all direct identifiers such as your name, address, or social security number are removed.

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