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22 years of experience

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Area of expertise




Medical Oncology, Hematologic Oncology


Skin Cancers, Thyroid Disorders, Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Head and Neck Cancer, Lymphoma, Myeloma, Leukemia


Chief Physician, Swiss Cancer Services AG / Seeland Cancer Center, Hirslanden Klinik Linde

Biel, Switzerland. From 2021

Head of the Interdisciplinary Cancerology Service, Riviera-Chablais Hospital

Rennaz, Switzerland. 2019 - 2020

Clinical Researcher, National Cancer Institute

Milan, Italy. 2015 - 2015

Consultant Medical Oncology, Cantonal Hospital St.Gallen

St. Gallen, Switzerland. 2009 - 2018

Resident, Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland

Bellinzona, Switzerland. 2007 - 2008


MD: University of Zurich



Dr. Marco Siano is an experienced medical professional with a specialization in tumors of the upper respiratory tract, skin tumors, modern immunotherapies, and hematology. Breast cancer and rare tumors complete his knowledge. He received his medical degree from the University of Zurich in 2001 and has held various positions since then. Currently, Dr. Siano is the Chief Physician at the Swiss Cancer Services AG/Seeland Cancer Center in Hirslanden Klinik Linde, Biel, Switzerland. Previously, he


President of the Head and Neck Cancer Working Group (since 2016)

Founding Member and Board Member, Swiss Head and Neck Society (since 2018)

Swiss Society for Medical Oncology

Swiss Medical Association

Association of Swiss Assistant and Senior Physicians


Dr. Marco Siano has more than 40 publications

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