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30 years of experience

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Area of expertise




Reconstructive Surgery, Plastic Surgery


Breast Cancer, Sarcoma, Congenital Anomalies, Tumor

Procedures Performed

Plexus Reconstruction

Nerve Reconstruction

Extremity Reconstruction

Hand Surgery


Director, Center of Extremity Reconstruction and Rehabilitation, Medical University Vienna

Vienna, Austria. From 2012

Associate Professor, Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Medical University Vienna

Vienna, Austria. From 1998

Junior Consultant, Department of Internal Medicine, Donaustadt Clinic

Vienna, Austria. 2004 - 2004

Junior Consultant, Department of Surgery, Donaustadt Clinic

Vienna, Austria. 2003 - 2004

Junior Consultant, AUVA Trauma Center Vienna

Vienna, Austria. 2002 - 2002


MD: University of Vienna



Dr. Oskar Aszmann is a renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a specialization in extremity reconstruction and rehabilitation. He is currently serving as the Director of the Center of Extremity Reconstruction and Rehabilitation at the Medical University Vienna in Austria since 2012, which is focused on the reconstruction and rehabilitation of patients with impaired extremity function. This center, partly funded by private and government sources, has become a prominent institution under


Austrian Society for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Austrian Society for Hand Surgery

German Working Group for Microsurgery of the Peripheral Nerves and Vessels

American Society for Peripheral Nerve

American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery


Tribute of Royal Society of Medicine 2010 und 2012 for innovative concepts in treating war injured soldiers London Wimpolestreet, UK

Theodor Billroth Prize for Single vs. Triple Nervegraft in the Reconstruction of Peripheral Nerve Defects Austrian Society for Surgery, 2012


Hans Anderl Award Research Award for Continued Research Investment in the Field of Extremity Reconstruction and Peripheral Nerve Research at the Annual Meeting of the European Association of Plastic Surgeons


Theodor Billroth Prize for GDNF Enhances Nerve Regeneration after Neonatal Nerve Injury, Austrian Society for Surgery, 2004


Research Prize of the Austrian Society for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the 41st Annual Meeting, 2003 St. Pölten (Neuroma Treatment via ETS Nerve Coaptation)



Dr. Oskar Aszmann has more than 230 publications

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