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Please Note!Docus supplements are GMP certified and made in the USA. Your data is confidential and secured by HIPAA standards.

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Our AI Doctor personalizes the checkup process to tailor supplements specifically to your unique health needs.

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We use the highest quality ingredients trusted by healthcare professionals. All Docus supplements are GMP-certified.

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Enjoy a seamless online process, from taking the quiz to receiving your supplement kit at your doorstep.


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Experience the easy, fully online process for receiving your tailored supplements, powered by Docus AI Doctor.

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Answer a few simple questions about your health and lifestyle to help us understand your needs. (3-5 min)

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Explore a customized supplement kit designed specifically for your unique health goals. (1 min)

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Receive a detailed report explaining your tailored supplement kit and additional recommendations. (2 min)

4. Order Your Supplement Kit

Easily place an order for your personalized supplement kit and get it delivered to your doorstep. (2 min)

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Start your wellness journey today! Take the checkup quiz, receive tailored recommendations from our AI Doctor, customize your supplements, and have them delivered straight to your door.

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