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Enhance Policyholder Experience with Docus

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Docus is recognized by top resources for its innovation in health technology. We've been featured by:

Transform Your Insurance Offerings. Provide Unmatched Value to Your Clients.

Stay ahead in a fast-changing insurance industry. Gain a competitive edge with our cutting-edge AI Health Assistant and top doctors from the US and Europe. Enable smarter health choices for your policyholders, reducing costs and eliminating unnecessary procedures.

Immediate Health Insights

Equip your policyholders with rapid, precise health assessments, amplifying their policy value.

Preventive Health Focus

AI Health Assistant promotes early detection and intervention, potentially decreasing claims.

Second opinions

We have 350+ Top doctors from the US & Europe who cover more than 100 subspecialties, offering policyholders unbiased life-changing advice.

Efficient Integration

Seamlessly integrate Docus with your current infrastructure for smooth onboarding and operational coherence.

Why Leading Insurance Providers Choose Docus

1. Elevated Customer Satisfaction

Deliver precise health insights through our AI and Top Doctors of the world, fostering policyholder trust and retention.

Docus: AI-powered health platform

Did You Know?


30% of all surgeries are unnecessary.


20% of overall medical care delivered is unnecessary.


Unnecessary medical procedures cost $200 billion annually.

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