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Boost Employee Benefits with Docus

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Empower Your Employees. Optimize Your Healthcare Spend.

In an ever-evolving workplace, prioritizing employee health is absolutely essential. Docus cutting-edge AI Health Assistant transforms the way your employees manage and understand their health, while also creating tangible savings for self-insured employers.

Instant Health Insights

Docus AI Health Assistant provides quick and accurate health assessments, ensuring your employees get timely advice and care.

Proactive Health Management

With personalized health monitoring and recommendations, employees can catch potential issues early, reducing long-term healthcare costs.

Seamless Integration

Docus fits effortlessly into your existing benefits ecosystem, ensuring a smooth experience for HR teams and employees alike.

Second opinions

We have 350+ top US & European doctors covering 100+ subspecialties, providing life-changing advice.

Why Employers Choose Docus

1. Cost Efficiency

Reduce unnecessary medical costs by promoting preventive care and timely interventions.

Docus: AI-powered health platform

Did You Know?


30% of all surgeries are unnecessary


20% of overall medical care delivered is unnecessary.


3rd leading cause of death is misdiagnosis

How Docus is Changing Lives

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