How to Find and Choose a Good Endocrinologist

How to Find and Choose a Good Endocrinologist

Updated on Aug, 27 2023

Written by Docus Research Team

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Whether you were just diagnosed with diabetes, recently moved, or are ready for a change, choosing an endocrinologist for diabetes is important to keeping your diabetes management on track. The relationship you have with them can make a big difference in not just your quarterly visits but also your day-to-day diabetes management and long-term health.


So how do you find an endocrinologist for diabetes? Not just anyone — but one who gets you, can help you achieve your goals, and live well with diabetes? Check out this list for some tips.

What to Look for when Choosing an Endocrinologist

Recommendations Matter


When trying to find an endocrinologist, start your search by asking family, friends, and even other healthcare providers for suggestions. Their personal experiences can offer insights into the doctor's approach and patient care.


Insurance Coverage 


Before diving into choosing an endocrinologist, ensure your doctor is in-network with your health insurance. This ensures that you won't have hefty out-of-pocket expenses.


Dig Deeper 


Once you have a list, delve into their online presence. Patient reviews can be informative, but remember that individual needs vary. So, what works for one might not work for another.


Credentials Check 


As part of choosing an endocrinologist, confirm their educational background, board certification, and specific expertise in diabetes. Their commitment to specialization indicates their proficiency. But what if you could tap into a platform where the hard work of vetting and choosing top-tier medical professionals has already been done for you?

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How Can Docus Help With Choosing The Best Endocrinologist?, an AI-Powered Health Platform, has redefined the method of sourcing and endorsing medical experts. So, How is Docus Selecting the World’s Best Doctors?


First off, the Docus team analyzed data from various journals, reports, and international organizations to pinpoint countries known for superior medical care. Countries like Austria, France, Spain, and the UK are among those that consistently rank high.


What’s more, with the rising prevalence of severe diseases worldwide, Docus made it a priority to curate a broad spectrum of specialties, ensuring patients have access to the right expertise for their unique health challenges.


And ultimately, the selection process has been done, based on several important criteria. So when you're on Docus, you're already connecting with some of the best in the field.

First-Hand Experience


Consider scheduling a preliminary visit. The interaction will give you a sense of the doctor’s approach, the efficiency of the staff, and the ambiance of the clinic.


Be Inquisitive


Prepare a list of questions in advance. This can range from their views on glucose control to their familiarity with recent diabetes management tools. Their responses will give you a glimpse into their knowledge and approach when choosing an endocrinologist.


Be Prepared


When attending appointments, be proactive. Carry all relevant documents, such as medical reports, diet history, and any other pertinent information. It equips the doctor to guide you effectively.


Logistics and Accessibility


If you're trying to find the best endocrinologist near you, think about the clinic's location, its proximity to your home or workplace, and the doctor’s availability. It's essential that the doctor's schedule aligns with yours for ease of appointments.


However, in today's digital age, there's an innovative alternative that transcends geographical limitations. provides a seamless solution for those who might face challenges in finding a local specialist. is an AI-powered health Platform, that enables patients to converse with an AI Health Assistant, generate a holistic health report, and then validate it with renowned doctors from the US & Europe.


The Docus AI Health Assistant allows for the submission of health details and a platform to pose related questions, ensuring patients receive comprehensive responses. Furthermore, if a second opinion or further consultation is desired, connects you with over 300 top doctors from 100+ subspecialties in 15+ countries. These consultations can be in the form of a written report or a video call, right from the comfort of your home.


Therefore, while local proximity remains an essential factor for many, tools like expand your horizons, ensuring that you get the best possible medical advice regardless of your location.


Remember You Have a Choice


If you ever feel uneasy or unsatisfied with your chosen endocrinologist, remember, while choosing an endocrinologist, that it's your right to switch. Your comfort and trust in your doctor should always be your highest priority.

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Why is it so hard to see an endocrinologist?


Seeing an endocrinologist is challenging due to several factors affecting both supply and demand. There's an aging endocrinologist workforce with many nearing retirement, and the rate of new entrants doesn't match those retiring. Concurrently, limited endocrinology residency positions restrict the number of new professionals entering the field.


Demand-wise, the growing prevalence of endocrine-related conditions like diabetes and thyroid disorders necessitates more specialists. Additionally, an aging general population requires more endocrine services for age-related disorders. Other barriers include a lengthy training period and relatively low compensation for endocrinologists. Limited exposure to this specialty during medical education may also deter potential candidates.


When should I see an endocrinologist?


You should consider seeing an endocrinologist if you suspect issues with your hormones or if advised by your primary healthcare provider. Typical signs that warrant a visit include problems with vision, drastic weight fluctuations, kidney complications, significant changes in blood sugar levels, and tingling in extremities.


While primary care providers can often manage hormonal conditions, they might refer you to an endocrinologist for more specialized care, especially for uncommon or complex diagnoses. Endocrinologists, as specialists, possess deeper expertise and more resources for diagnosing and treating hormonal conditions like diabetes mellitus or thyroid disease. Always consult your primary doctor first, who can then provide a referral if necessary.


Can an endocrinologist help with PCOS?

Yes, an endocrinologist can help with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). PCOS is often linked to hormonal imbalances, and endocrinologists are specially-trained doctors who diagnose and treat such imbalances. Medical endocrinologists are generally considered the primary specialists for PCOS as they focus on restoring the body's normal hormonal balance.


Additionally, if conception is a challenge due to PCOS, a reproductive endocrinologist, who specializes in fertility and infertility treatments, can be instrumental. They are equipped to provide fertility treatments and manage PCOS-related issues. While primary care doctors and gynecologists can initiate PCOS treatments and diagnosis, endocrinologists offer specialized care, making them a crucial part of the management and treatment team for PCOS.

What to expect from an endocrinologist appointment? 


At an endocrinologist appointment, you can expect a comprehensive evaluation. The visit will start with the doctor recording your vitals, including weight and height. If there's a history of diabetes in your family or you have it, they might check your blood sugar level. A full-body examination will be conducted to check for any abnormalities.


This includes inspecting your hands and feet for infections or sores, assessing gum health, and examining your abdomen for unusual protrusions. The endocrinologist will ask about your family history, dietary habits, and other relevant details. It's essential to bring pertinent medical documents, especially if you've seen other specialists recently. Discussions may also revolve around your current medical conditions and treatments, including your routines and habits related to them.


Your journey to managing diabetes and other endocrine disorders starts with the right expert by your side. Taking the time to research and find an endocrinologist who understands your needs can be a game-changer you've been seeking.

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