Docus - combining technologies and medical expertise

Utilizing AI technology, our platform provides users with a personalized AI Health Assistant and allows to get medical second opinions from top doctors.

About Docus - AI-Powered Health Platform

Our mission

Our goal is to improve human health through the combination of cutting-edge technologies and top medical expertise.

Our vision

At Docus we believe that every individual should have access to the best medical care, guided by cutting-edge technologies and top-tier medical expertise.

Founding story

Docus founders

Docus, an AI-Powered Health Platform, was born out of founders Robert and Gevorg's personal experience. One of their friends from Armenia became seriously ill and local doctors couldn’t diagnose his disease. Time was running out, and his health condition was getting worse. Robert and Gevorg started to seek help from abroad and finally found a highly qualified doctor from Germany who agreed to provide a second opinion.

The doctor collaborated virtually with the attending doctor and managed to diagnose the illness and develop a treatment plan.

This experience was deeply impactful for them, a poignant reminder of the tremendous significance of medical expertise and the often-overlooked challenge of accessibility. It sparked the idea for a platform, one that could traverse the barriers of geography and language, connecting individuals globally with world-class medical expertise.

As the idea took shape, the ongoing AI revolution played a vital role in refining the vision. Inspired by the potential of incorporating technology into healthcare, the Docus team recognized the potential of AI in healthcare and developed the AI Health Assistant to democratize access to health information.

Today, Docus, the AI-powered health platform, aims to transform global healthcare by providing an AI health assistant and enabling access to second opinions from top doctors globally. Docus is committed to bridging the gap between users and the medical world, making essential medical resources accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Our values

Be the owner

We take accountability and see things through. We take the long view, sweat the details, and think about how our work makes Docus better every day.

Be transparent

We believe that information transparency helps everyone to make their best decisions and align on one mission.

Be frugal

When spending company resources we are frugal, ensuring that everything we spend time and money on benefits our customers and our mission.

Build social value

We take care of those who take care of everyone. We serve the best hospitals and doctors.

Move fast, learn, and break the things

We’re not afraid of failures and mistakes. We progress and innovate through continuous learning, always experimenting and making iterations.

Be candid

We talk about any issues candidly, fix them, and move forward. When we have a reasonable argument - we speak it up.

Founding Team

CEO & Co-founder of Docus - Robert Sargsyan

Robert Sargsyan

CEO & Co-founder

Ph.D., 10+ years of experience in entrepreneurship

CTO & Co-founder of Docus - Gevorg Nazaryan

Gevorg Nazaryan

CTO & Co-founder

10+ years of experience leading a web dev agency

Chairman of Docus - Artavazd Minasyan

Artavazd Minasyan


Ph.D., Co-founder at Krisp & 10Web

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