Consult with Top Doctors from the US and Europe for Cancer Treatment

Medical misdiagnosis is the third leading cause of death, according to the Johns Hopkins study. Docus connects Indian doctors to 250+ top doctors To reduce the risk of misdiagnosis.

Docus is an innovative platform that empowers Indian patients and caregivers to access the best medical care through the collaboration of two top doctors: one local and one international, increasing the chances of receiving an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Docus saves more lives

By fostering collaboration between medical professionals, Docus enables access to the highest level of medical care for patients.

Get the World-class treatment

Receive the best treatment possible based on global medical practices and expertise. Maximize your chances of receiving a correct diagnosis and treatment.

Access top doctors with no borders

You no longer have to leave your city or travel abroad for seeking high-quality medical care. Get the most accurate treatment at our partner hospitals.

Be sure you get top healthcare services online

Docus collaborates with hundreds of top doctors around the world. They cover a wide range of specialties and provide the highest quality healthcare services.

Medical Experts

Hundreds of professionals from the US and Europe

Dr. Michael Herold

Hematology and Oncology

44 years of experience

Dr. Christian Thaler

Anti-Aging Medicine

38 years of experience

Dr. Emmanuelle Lagrue

Pediatric Neurology

21 years of experience

How It Works?

Contacting us

The first step for the patient/caregiver is to contact Docus through the “Contact” page.

Connecting with a top Indian Doctor

Our specialists will direct the patient to one of our partner Indian hospitals, where they will be connected with a top Indian doctor.

Connecting with a top Medical Expert

Together, the patient and the Indian doctor will choose a top Medical Expert from the USA or Europe for the consultation.

Receiving the best treatment

Two top doctors will collaborate in written form or via video call to provide the Patient with the best possible medical care.

What Doctors Say About Docus

Connecting medical experience on a global level across networks like Docus is key to improving patient care: Now and in the future. I am happy and proud to be part of such a great network.

Dr. Dirk Sibbing


I appreciate the idea of decentralized health care connecting the primary care doctors with specialists via virtual consultation. Docus creates opportunities to combine resources, reduce time and travel costs, and provides better health care for patients.

Dr. Christel Fontaine


It’s an interesting platform with a great opportunity to help patients from developing countries. Cooperation with their local doctors will save patients time and money and give them higher chances of success.

Dr. Raul Moreno


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