Telemedicine Platform

Docus platform is a CRM system where the consultations and the communication between a patient’s local doctor and Medical Expert are handled.

Video And Chat Communication

Secure messaging enables HIPAA-compliant texting between healthcare providers and patients. Additionally, a virtual visit system allows doctors to consult with patients and each other remotely in real-time, from anywhere in the world.

Electronic Health
Records And Registries

Doctors may save their patients’ electronic health records on Docus platform. Patient’s medical history and test results become visible to Medical Expert once consultation is accepted.

Powered By Artificial Intelligence

AI-based automatic medical record generation will help doctors to serve a maximum number of patients per unit of time

Doctor appointment booking and scheduling system

A clear and user-friendly interface allows for easy scheduling and booking of appointments taking into account the time difference between 2 doctors. The appointment system is fully automated and integrated with the telemedicine platform, making it easy to use for everyone involved.

Notification System

External email notifications keep doctors updated about the latest changes on patients’ cases. Internal notifications also guide doctors on further actions.

Role And Permission Control

Not everyone needs access to all of the features of the Docus telehealth platform. That's why we have role-based permissions, which allow hospitals to control who can see and do what. This helps to keep hospitals’ data safe and secure.

HIPAA secure

Keeping healthcare data HIPAA compliant ensures that patients’ information stays private, assuming that the network where patients’ data is stored is secure.

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