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Enable Docus AI Doctor on your website to boost patient engagement and streamline healthcare delivery.

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Benefits for Healthcare Providers

Integrating Docus AI Doctor into your website transforms patient interactions through personalized, informed care, resulting in the following benefits:

Attract Patients

The AI Doctor engages potential patients with personalized conversations, explaining their health conditions and concerns and boosting patient acquisition.

Reduce Costs

By guiding patients to the right care and relevant doctors instantly, Docus AI Doctor lessens the need for additional staff, streamlining operations and saving costs.

Empower Doctors

Prepare doctors with AI-generated health reports summarizing patient interactions before visits, saving time and allowing them to focus more on care and less on paperwork.

Bring the Power of AI to Healthcare

Conversational AI

Docus AI Doctor is a generative AI medical chatbot, built on the most advanced medical LLMs. It offers an empathetic, informative, and supportive dialogue. Here’s how it works:

The patient shares their symptoms, test results, and describes their health condition in their own words.

AI Doctor asks additional questions to gain a clear understanding of the patient’s health condition.

After analyzing the conversation, it provides the patient with pre-diagnosis and valuable health insights.

AI Doctor matches the patient with the most relevant doctors from your team and assists in scheduling an appointment.

The result is:

3x more patient engagement

50% more converted patients

Docus generative AI medical chatbot

Healthcare Navigation & Doctor Matching

We train the AI Doctor with your doctors' biographies and organizational details, streamlining the process of connecting patients with the appropriate care and specialists.

Based on the conversation AI Doctor identifies the most appropriate doctors to refer patients to.

Helps book appointments with the identified doctors, simplifying the process.

Informs patients about essential details of your organization (location, working hours, pricing, etc.).

This integration reduces call center volume and staff needs, boosting efficiency and cost savings.

30% reduction of call center volume

97% accuracy in suggesting doctors

Healthcare Navigation and Doctor Matching - Docus AI

Health Reports & Doctor Support

Docus AI Doctor significantly aids healthcare professionals by optimizing the pre-visit process with actionable insights. AI Doctor:

Generates structured health reports based on the patient conversations, including symptoms, test outcomes, AI recommendations and other insights.

Delivers these reports to doctors before appointments, saving time and improving patient care quality.

Offers doctors a deeper understanding of patient needs, leading to more effective and personalized care.

The result is:

5 minutes saved per consultation

95% of doctors find the AI reports valuable

Health Reports & Doctor Support - Docus AI


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Fast and Simple Integration

Choose your preferred option to integrate Docus AI Doctor into your platform, instantly bringing AI-powered healthcare to your users.


Easily integrate Docus AI Doctor with our customizable Widget in just 15 minutes. It's designed for swift setup, minimal coding, and tailored medical insights, ensuring instant patient support and an enhanced user experience.


For organizations seeking deeper customization and integration into their existing systems, Docus AI Doctor offers a robust API solution. This allows for full control over the user experience and integration with other software tools and systems.

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