Our Mission

Enabling access to top medical expertise for everyone

What are the concerns of the most severe patients and their relatives?


Is my diagnosis right?

Treatment Plan

Is the treatment plan correct?

Second opinion

How can I get a second opinion?

These Concerns Are Valid

According to the Johns Hopkins study

Seek a 2nd opinion

What We Do?

Docus provides a platform, where Top Indian Doctors from Docus partner hospitals collaborate with Top Medical Experts from the US and Europe to provide Patients with the best possible care.

How It Works?

Step 1: Contacting us

The first step for the patient/caregiver is to contact Docus through the “Contact” page.

Step 2: Connecting with a top Indian Doctor

Our specialists will direct the patient to one of our partner Indian hospitals, where they will be connected with a top Indian doctor.

Step 3: Connecting with a top Medical Expert

Together, the patient and the Indian doctor will choose a top Medical Expert from the USA or Europe for the consultation.

Step 4: Receiving the best treatment

Two top doctors will collaborate in written form or via video call to provide the Patient with the best possible medical care.

How Docus Works

Benefits For The Hospital

Benefit #1

Access to the World-Class Medical Knowledge and Experience

250+ Medical Experts

Main Specialties

Oncology, Radiology, Neurology, Cardiology and 15+ specialties

Medical Experts from

USA, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, and 10+ EU countries


Average number of scientific publications: 87

A Few of Our Medical Experts

Dr. Michael Herold

Dr. Christian Bancher

Dr. Christian Thaler

Benefit #2

Additional Source of Revenue with $0 investment

Hospital generates additional profit from a markup on the Medical Expert’s Fee

Fee for Patients


Medical Expert's Fee


Hospital Markup

Benefit #3

Huge Marketing Competitive Advantage

With Docus, hospitals get a huge marketing advantage over other hospitals and reputation growth.

Docus Provides

Benefit #4

Increased Patient Retention


Receiving world-class treatment at an affordable price


No need to leave hospital for 2nd opinion


Peace of mind

Docus Platform


What Medical Experts Say About Docus

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