Dr. Raphael Bonelli

Medical Psychotherapy, Neurology, Psychiatry


27 years of experience



Medical Psychotherapy, Neurology, Psychiatry


Depression, Schizophrenia, Neuropsychiatry, Personality disorders, Huntington's disease

Procedures Performed

Work Experience

Neurology, Psychiatry and Psychotherapeutic medicine

Private practice

Vienna, Austria.

from 2008

Head of Neuropsychiatric Research Group

Sigmund Freud University

Vienna, Austria.

from 2011

Faculty Member

Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health, Duke University

Durham, USA.

from 2011

Editorial Board

Journal of Neurological Disorders

from 2012

Editorial Board

Medical journals CNS Updates and Journal of Neuroinfectious Diseases

from 2013


Institute for religiosity in psychiatry and psychotherapy

from 2009

Associate Professor

Department of Neurology, Paracelsus Medical University

Salzburg, Austria.

2009 - 2010

Staff Scientist

University Clinic for Psychiatry

Graz, Austria.

2003 - 2008

Associate Professor

Department of Psychiatry, Medical University of Graz

Graz, Austria.

2003 - 2008


Neuropsychiatric outpatient clinic, Graz University Clinic for Psychiatry

Graz, Austria.

2004 - 2004

Resident, Neurology

Hospital BHB Eggenberg

Graz, Austria.

1999 - 2003

Specialist in neurology

Hospital BHB Eggenberg

Graz, Austria.

2002 - 2002

Army psychological outpatient clinic

Graz, Austria.

1997 - 1998

Resident, Psychiatry

University Clinic for Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy

Graz, Austria.

1998 - 1998

Resident, Neurology

Department of Neurology and Psychiatry, Hospital BHB Eggenberg

Graz, Austria.

1995 - 1997

Scientific assistant

University Clinic of Psychiatry in Vienna

Vienna, Austria.

1991 - 1994


Post-doctoral studies, Duke University


Training, Systemic Psychotherapy


Post-doctoral studies, University of California, Los Angeles


MD, University of Graz Medical School


Post-doctoral studies, Harvard Medical School


MD, University of Vienna



Dr. Raphael Bonelli is a specialist in neurology, psychiatry, and psychotherapeutic medicine. He graduated from Vienna University and from the Medical University of Graz. Dr. Bonelli did postdoctoral research at Harvard Medical School, the University of California, Los Angeles, and Duke University. He is a permanent faculty member at the Duke University Center for Spirituality, Theology, and Health.

Dr. Bonelli described eight new treatment options for Huntington's disease with his neuropsychiatric research group: Pramipexol, Quetiapine, Minocycline, Mirtazapine, Zotepine, Ziprasidone, Venlafaxine, and antipsychotic drug holidays in Huntington's disease.


Austrian Association of Biological Psychiatry

Austrian Huntington Association


Dr. Raphael Bonelli has more than 120 books and scientific publications.

Dr. Raphael Bonelli has been a peer-reviewer of various outstanding journals since 2001

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Raphael Bonelli

Medical Psychotherapy, Neurology, Psychiatry

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